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If you have any broken teeth or large fillings a dental crown may be the best solution to repair the tooth and improve the appearance. Also a crown or ‘cap’ is typically used to protect the remaining natural tooth following root canal treatment.

Your tooth is trimmed to make space and then a dental crown is custom made to fit over the tooth like a hat to give you the natural look and feel of the tooth back. There are many different materials that can be used based on the position of the tooth in the mouth, aesthetics and cost.

Porcelain fused to metal crown

This is a porcelain crown made over a metal structure. The crown is very strong and durable and can be used anywhere in your mouth. Normally this can give a very good appearance but sometimes, especially if you have thin gums, over time there may be a thin line of metal showing at the neck of the tooth if the gum shrinks back.

Porcelain all ceramic crown

These are metal free and can give a completely natural appearance as light can shine through the porcelain fully. Modern porcelains such as: procera, lava and e-max are extremely strong and can be used anywhere in your mouth. They are kinder to your gums as there is no metal inside.

Metal crowns

These tend to be made of a gold alloy as gold functions very well in the mouth. Due to the appearance they are usually only used for your molar teeth.

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