Cambuslang Practice 0141 641 2107
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Cambuslang Practice 0141 641 2107
Glasgow Practice 0141 427 0296
Article written by glasgow-admin on 30 March 2020

Although both dental practices are closes for face to face contact, you can still speak to one of our dentist by phoning us. At the moment we would ask that you contact us if you have an urgent dental problem. We can provide you with advice to help manage your dental problem and if required we can refer you to one of the Urgent Dental Care Centres for dental treatment.

Self help advice for tooth pain


Suffering from toothache can be a terrible experience. Normally if you have pain from a tooth it means you need some dental treatment but as this is not possible at the present time, there are some simple things you can do at home.


If you have sensitivity to cold and/or sweet things, this usually indicates that there is dental decay in a tooth. The treatment for this is to remove the decay and to place a filling in the tooth. In the meantime you can use a sensitive toothpaste. You should brush at least twice daily and after you brush your teeth do not rinse out with water. You should simply spit the toothpaste out and leave the rest around your teeth. This allows the flouride and other beneficial ingredients absorb into your teeth. You can also rub a small amount of toothpaste onto the sensitive area before you go to bed at night.

At our dental practice in Glasgow, we prefer to place white fillings. White fillings have several advantages over silver fillings:

  1. The most obvious advantage is the appearance. White fillings blend in with your natural teeth and generally are not noticeable.
  2. White fillings are ‘bonded’ to your teeth. This helps to strengthen your tooth.
  3. This also means we need to remove less of your tooth to place the filling.
  4. A small number of people can have an allergic reaction to certain metals and can react to silver fillings. White fillings do not contain any metal.

Self help advice for tooth pain

Extreme pain

If you have extreme pain, then usually this can be controlled by taking a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen. When taking pain medication it is important to follow the instruction, as taking too much can cause serious harm. If you start to develop a swelling or feel unwell then you may have an infection. Usually when there is extreme pain this means there is either an infection or a problem with the pulp of your tooth. A tooth infection can cause an abscess and may require a course of antibiotics to help settle things. If there is a problem with the pulp of your tooth then antibiotics will not help the situation and you will need some dental treatment. In most cases extreme pain means you either need to have a tooth removed or a root canal treatment to remove the nerves of the tooth.


cracked tooth or filling

If you have a cracked tooth or filling this can leave your tooth feeling sensitive, food can pack inside the hole and it can leave sharp edges. The sharp edges usually smooth themselves over a number of days. If you feel the edges are too sharp then you can smooth the tooth with a small emery board. We know that is very difficult to purchase temporary filling kits at this this time. Please contact us as we are happy to send out temporary filling kits free of charge for our patients. These are simply to place inside your tooth but as the name suggest, they are only temporary measures. It is important that you arrange to have any temporary fillings repaired once services return to normal.


Stay safe everyone and if you need to speak to us remember you can still reach us by phone:

Paisley Road West – 0141 247 0296

Cambuslang – 0141 641 2107

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