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Cambuslang Practice 0141 641 2107
Glasgow Practice 0141 427 0296
Standard AppointmentsCost
The Classic Clean

The Classic Clean involves a scaling from the hygienist which will remove plaque and tartar that has built up. Once this has all been removed, the hygienist will give your teeth a polish to finish off that silky smile. She will also discuss in details various oral hygiene techniques so that you are able to continue the care of your gums at home.

High Gloss Air Flow Polish

This fabulous clean also removes staining from your teeth giving the high gloss smile which will restore your natural sparkle and whiteness. The teeth are scaled and cleaned in a way similar to the Classic Clean but with the added Air Flow Polish for efficient and fast stain removal.

Smile Styling – per 30 minute appointment

Sometimes a little extra is needed to revive and improve your smile. This is a tailored plan which can include advice or treatments such as improving breath freshness, information on teeth whitening services, a thorough clean over multiple appointments, air polishing your smile and extended oral hygiene advice and care.

Specialised AppointmentsCost
Smokers Makeover

This is ideal for anyone who is currently or previously was a smoker. This makeover will keep your smile and breath refreshed to achieve that non smoker look. The visit will be a 30 minute deep clean with an air polish included to banish yellow teeth and tar stains.

Smile Maintenance

Perfect for patients who have had missing teeth replaced with implants. This will help maintain your treatment and protect it for a longer time. Special equipment will be used to take extra care in cleaning your new smile and additional advice will be given on how to maintain it on your own at home.

Orthodontic Cleaning AppointmentsCost
Foundation Clean

The Foundation Clean is essential before you start your braces journey with us. It includes a careful and thorough cleaning from the hygienist. The dentist will then show you how to take care of your teeth while wearing braces at your pre-fit appointment. This is important to help you keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition while wearing your braces.

The Protection Clean

Wearing fixed braces makes it very difficult to maintain your oral hygiene. The Protection Clean will ensure all plaque and tartar is cleaned away and any food trapped in your brace is safely removed. The hygienist will continue to give you the best advice on how to care for your teeth and gums while wearing braces on your own at home.

Straight Teeth Clean

Your brace is finally off and your teeth and gums can now breathe! The hygienist will now remove any stains and deposits that have built up around the braces. She will also give you an air polish to show off that shiny new straight smile.

Whitening ServicesCost
White Speed Diamond

This combines the Philips Zoom whitening with the High Gloss Air Flow creating a unique whitening package which will give you a cleaner whiter smile. The treatment will take place in the surgery for around 90 minutes where your teeth will be pampered and whitened.

£525 (save £19.50)
Boutique White Diamond

This combines the take home Boutique whitening with the High Gloss Air Flow creating a simple but effective whitening package. Your initial appointment will include some moulds being taken so that we can have your custom made whitening trays made. When you return for these we will give you an extra clean smile using our Air Flow to blast away any staining. This pre-whitening clean will optimize your results creating that perfect white smile.

£245 (save £30)

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